kaia naturals product testing

kaia naturals is launching ____ at the end of ____.  We are currently seeking ___ community members willing to try the product and share their experiences. First come, first serve. 

Those selected will be contact via email.

Open to Canada & US residents only.

Must be 18+.

Appearance Release Participants are required to document "Before" and "After" pictures at the beginning and end of The Body Retinol usage timeline (4 weeks). These images may be used on Nécessaire and retail channels.

Participants must sign this Appearance Release.
Participants must be willing to: apply product to a targeted area - arms, décolletage or legs - every other night, over 4 weeks.
Written Testimonial of Experience and Results
At the end of four weeks, participants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide written feedback on their experience using the product.