You’re Being Cheated on Aerosol Dry Shampoos

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3 Reasons to Stop Using Aerosol Dry Shampoos

Have you ever bought an aerosol dry shampoo and find that it runs out after 2 weeks? When I was chatting with the team at the office while developing our overnight dry shampoos, almost everyone had said they run out of dry shampoo constantly. Some of these women are buying $30+ ones from Sephora and find that they run out in less than a month. I didn’t think much of it until I actually found out an industry secret. This is a SECRET that the hair care industry wants NONE of us to find out… but too bad, because I’m about to share it! 


You’re getting cheated on with aerosols 

During product development of the overnight dry shampoo, I wanted the component to spray out powders. I really disliked the ‘salt shaker’ dry shampoos because I always found it really messy. So I went to some aerosol manufacturers to see if they had any aerosol components that did not require using chemicals or propellants. Not only were there no natural propellants, but what I found out was the amount of aerosol gases that are used in order for it to spray out product. I was left completely shocked! Are you ready for it?

60-90% of what’s actually in an aerosol can are PROPELLANT GASES! Many of us have been paying a premium on gases, which means when we buy an aerosol dry shampoo, we are only getting about 10-40% of ACTUAL product. So that pretty and tall aerosol can sitting in your bathroom is practically empty when you buy it. Feeling ripped off yet?




It’s filled with butane and propane

Did you know that your scalp absorbs more chemicals than other parts of your body? This is imperative to consider when choosing the types of hair products you use near your scalp. With consumption and use of dry shampoo on the rise, this is even more important to take a look at. Most dry shampoos are in the form of aerosol cans, which use harmful Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG’s) to propel the product out. LPG’s, predominantly contain propane and butane, or a mix of the two (psst! It’s the same gasses they use to fire up your grill!) I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be spraying highly flammable lighter fluid on my scalp if this is a prime area for toxin absorption!


Hair and Health Effects

Not only that, but aerosol gases are really bad for the health of your hair. Traditional dry shampoos coat the hair follicles with LPG’s and chemicals, leaving them inflamed. This inflammation makes the follicle weaker, and can result in hair loss. So if you still decide to spray aerosols near your scalp, make sure you shampoo your scalp to avoid build-up. What’s more is that when inhaled, aerosol gases may cause headaches, mood swings, trouble breathing and nausea.

Aerosol cans are still being widely used in the beauty industry and us consumers have been unknowingly exposing ourselves to these chemicals on a daily basis. Now that you know this secret, will you opt for a healthier option?


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