How to Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way Based On Your Hair Type

A quick search online will tell you that there are many ways to use dry shampoo. In fact, I also get many questions from consumers about how they should be using dry shampoo ever since I developed the takesumi detox® overnight dry shampoo. Before I continue, I want to be clear that dry shampoo is not a one-size-fits-all product. As you read on, you will see how dry shampoo should be catered to your hair type and scalp condition. 

I Have Oily Hair. Will Dry Shampoo Work For Me?

People with oily scalps need to wash their hair more frequently as they are prone to scalp anhairline zits due to higher sebum production. The combination of an oily scalp and using dry shampoo frequently results with a congested scalp and can cause pimples. With this in mind, using dry shampoo should not be a substitute for shampoo as it’s main purpose is not clean your hair. Dry shampoo is best used as if it is a “blotting powder” for oily scalps so that it absorbs oil and also refreshes your hair from odor. Because of this it is key that you use only use dry shampoo intermittently in between your hair washes. I recommend to use the dry shampoo no more than 2 days in a row to prevent powder buildup and/or an itchy scalp.

how to use dry shampoo oily hair

How Do I Properly Use Dry Shampoo With Oily Hair?

Dry shampoo should be used overnight if you have an oily hair type. Most dry shampoos are made with starch and since oil production occurs at night, you should give the starch enough time to absorb the oil in your hair. The takesumi detox® overnight dry shampoo has time-activated ingredients, so using it at night ensures its maximum impact.

Another hack for oily hair is to use dry shampoo before a workout instead of after to keep your hair in shape. Use a little after exercising for additional absorption. For those with moderately oily hair, you should wash your hair with shampoo at least every second or third day instead OR rinse with water in between washes to stop the hair follicles from clogging.

I have Dry Hair. Should I Even Use Dry Shampoo?

People with dry hair have less sebum production, so washing your hair less is ideal in this situation as it prevents overdrying the scalp and from producing flaking and itchingWashing your hair weekly or once every other week can be enough for people with a dry scalp. Rinsing the hair with water in between washes can also keep it looking fresh without stripping your hair of moisture.

how to use dry shampoo dry hair

How Do I Properly Use Dry Shampoo for Dry Hair?

I know I mentioned previously that you should use dry shampoo at night, but it is not all that necessary if you have dry hair. I recommend using dry shampoo when you want to eliminate stale odors or use it as a styling aid to keep your hair smelling fresh.

Do not apply dry shampoo directly to your scalp as it can get too dry and itchy when your scalp is already dry. If you are using it for styling purposes, spray at the crown or the back of your head to avoid the roots. For volume, lightly brush the dry shampoo into the root of the hair to give it lift rather than spraying directly into the region.

How Can I Add Volume with Dry Shampoo for Fine Hair?

Fine hair tends to look limp and lifeless, so washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner can be done every other day or less since this type of hair looks best on the second day.

You should be selective about the type of dry shampoo you choose when you have fine hair. To add volume to fine hair, so you should select a fine powder dry shampoo with no propellants. A lightweight volumizing powder can help you dry style your hair to amazing volume and keep hold unlike wet volumizers, hairsprays or pomades, which can weigh down your hair. I personally have fine, short hair, so I must admit I ensured that our non-aerosol all natural powder spray has a secret volumizer that I can use everyday.

Dry shampoos only become problematic if it is used as a substitute for real shampoo or if it has been overused. As long as you use it according to your hair type, your scalp and hair health will improve at any age or any scalp condition.

Let me know if you have any questions on hair or scalp health and dry shampoo or email [email protected] and we’ll sure to get back to you!


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