Why Your Body Smells

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body odor smells

The most common question I get about switching to natural deodorant is “if I allow my body to sweat, won’t I smell?” It’s funny because most people think it’s your sweat that smells, but this isn’t really the case. B.O (aka body odor) is actually caused by the bacteria that live and grow under your arms.




When this bacteria interacts with your sweat, it causes an unpleasant odor. The good news is there is a really easy way to help mitigate this problem!

If you want to get rid of B.O you have to take care of the bacteria under your arms first. It’s just a matter of fact that some people may have more bacteria under their arms, and have a harder time with odor control. But, once you have created a clean slate under your arms, you will notice much less odor.

We created the underarm bar to turn any natural deodorant into extra strength. As our all natural anti-bacterial soap, it is formulated with apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal and sodium to create an environment that is inhospitable for bacteria. This leaves you with a squeaky clean surface to apply deodorant. Your deodorant will last throughout the day, without any breakthrough odor.


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