How Labels Can Hide Dirty Secrets About Fragrance

In Canada and US, manufacturers are not required to disclose their fragrance ingredients on their beauty products, as this is considered a ‘trade secret’. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Without full disclosure of fragrance ingredients on product labels, this means a great deal of things can be hidden from you. 1. Chemicals such as phthalates, oxybenzone, BHT, Octinoxate, Musk […]

Do You REALLY Know What A Paraben Is?

what is a paraben

This week we are decoding a common preservative that is found in many beauty and personal care products – PARABENS. We all know they are bad, but what should we look for on the label if it does not say “paraben-free”? WHAT ARE PARABENS? Parabens are a class of chemical preservatives used in cosmetic and […]