Sweat Rash

Sweat rash (medical term: intertrigo) is a type of skin inflammation that occurs between skin folds that rub together and trap moisture. It can occur in areas such as under the arms, beneath the breasts, and web spaces of the toes and fingers.

How is a sweat rash caused?

It is normally caused by excess moisture, friction, and lack of ventilation in the infected area. Because your armpits are often enclosed with little ventilation, they’re the perfect hub for intertrigo to develop. And, if you’ve recently switched to natural deodorant, you may be more susceptible to this type of rash. This is because natural deodorant allows your armpits to sweat, and this increased sweat – combined with friction from continuous rubbing of the skin folds – will inevitably cause a rash.

Key symptoms

Sweat rash, or intertrigo, begins with redness in the area. In addition, red spots or small blister-like bumps (pustules) can often be found along the edges of the rash. Normally, this form of rash will feel itchy, and can be quite and painful with a burning sensation. If it’s not treated quickly, the redness can become even more inflamed and raw. In addition, your skin may crack, bleed and become scaly.