sakura blossom | travel size

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The air fills with a sweet, elegant aroma as the airy pink blossoms bloom and float delicately off the trees.

Scent: Sakura Blossom

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Weight 33 g
Dimensions 3.8 × 2 × 7.5 cm

1 review for sakura blossom | travel size

  1. zhantal

    Received the Minty travel size as a stocking stuffer and it lasted through winter. I got this one in the spring and it worked just as well in the heat as it did in the cold. It initially took my body only a week to adapt. After using it for a few weeks I noticed I did not need to apply deodorant as often as I used too. I like the travel size because I can carry it around easily and rotate between different scents. I usually only reapply after the pool.

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