How to Power Nap Like a Pro

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how to nap like a pro

Ever laid down for a quick nap, only to wake up hours later wondering what day it is? Your body feels heavy, your brain is fuzzy, and you’re feeling anything but refreshed. 

Try these tips below to perfect your napping skills and start waking up refreshed and ready to go.

If you have 10 mins

For most people setting an alarm for 10 to 15 minutes of napping is perfect. It’s short enough to fit into a workday but still gives the benefits of improved mood, concentration and alertness. Even if you don’t fall asleep, just lying down with your eyes closed is enough to give you a little extra boost in your day.

If you have 20 to 30 mins

Try the caffeine nap (aka coffee or espresso nap): Right before you lie down, drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine usually takes half an hour to fully kick in. So if you drink it just before your power nap, you’ll feel more alert when you wake up! 

Bonus Tip: The sweet spot for napping is sometime after lunch and before 3pm. This is because you’ve already eaten lunch and your blood sugar and energy levels will naturally start to dip.  

So, ready for a nap? Kick back, set that alarm, and doze – but not for too long. 

10 second quickies

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