Say goodbye to embarrassing toenail fungus with EPSOM SALT! If your toenails are discoloured, thick, or cracking, you may have TOENAIL FUNGUS. Sandal season or not, toenail fungus isn’t necessarily what you want to see when you look at your feet. Luckily there are many easy treatments you can tryout.

Epsom salt has been known to treat wounds and infections. While it may not always  get rid of toenail fungus completely, it can help as a part of an anti-fungal regime. Epsom salt can be used to draw out the infection. PLUS, it can help soften calluses, improve the rough skin of cracked heels, and relieve dry, itchy skin.


1. Fill your bathtub or a basin with warm water until it’s deep enough to cover your feet.

2. Add ½ cup of Epsom salt to the warm water (we recommend using one of our takesumi detox hot baths).

3. Soak your feet one to two times a day for 20 minutes. (Consider adding tea tree oil as it is an antibacterial and known to help with healing)!

4. For an aromatherapy boost, use one of our takesumi detox hot baths in matchasleep or tumeric.

5. Moisturize your feet thoroughly after soaking them.

P.S. Before using this treatment, discuss your options with a doctor. 


  • Exfoliation
  • Pain relief
  • Removes splinters
  • Eases stress and relaxes body

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