Plants are incredibly smart; a lot smarter than we give them credit for.  As humans, we are created with a genetic predisposition to protect ourselves. When we sense danger, our bodies release epinephrine in order to initiate a fight-or-flight response. Though plants don’t have epinephrine (of course), they do have built-in chemical weapons that keep […]

Are Your Beauty Products Banned in Europe?

beauty products banned in Europe

We listed the top 10 harmful ingredients in your beauty routine that you should steer clear of. I learned about the importance of quality of life, the sophistication of European cuisine, but most significantly as a product developer I learned the importance of creating high-quality cosmetics.

An Unsuspecting Reason Why Your Hair Is Thinning


Eating less red meat is an undeniable trend of 2019. Reasons vary from cutting out inflammatory toxins in your diet, to wanting to lower your carbon dioxide footprint, to deciding against unethical farming practices. However, cutting out red meat from your diet also means you are likely eliminating your main dietary source of iron.  Having […]