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Why Dry Shampoo is "Bad" For Your Hair

Why Dry Shampoo is "Bad" For Your Hair

june 2022 | 5 Minute Read 

dry shampoo bad for hair


Dry shampoo is a saviour for many who find their “second day” hair is usually not the best. Not to mention the time required in the morning to wash, blow dry and style your hair when dry shampoo can save up to 30 min off your morning routine. But there’s still a big dilemma about whether or not dry shampoo is doing more harm than good. It is no secret many women over-use dry shampoo, which results in scalp dryness, hair loss, and YES even scalp pimples.  

So, is dry shampoo really bad for your hair? The simple answer is no, but it’s not that simple. 


Here’s what you need to know about dry shampoo: if you’re spraying product and powders near your scalp, you have to wash it out at some point. 

Dry shampoo does not cleanse your scalp and should never be used as a substitute for shampoo. It simply works to ‘mask’ and absorb oil and odor. That is what makes your hair look cleaner the next day. But dry shampoo does not get absorbed by the scalp. It is simply designed to coat the scalp and hair, and it needs to be washed out within 2 days…yes we are putting a time limit on dry shampoo. It should not remain on the scalp for longer than two days. 


What happens if you don’t wash out dry shampoo? Trouble, that’s what.  

The real problem occurs when dry shampoo powders, combined with dirt and oil sit on your scalp for days at a time. Even when brushed out, some of the powder particles will remain on your scalp and hair strands. This will build-up and irritate your scalp, but it also clogs your hair follicles, which leads to dermatitis, pimples, scaly patches, and even hair loss.  


dry shampoo rice starch vs corn starch

In addition to the way you are using dry shampoo, you should also be looking for one with scalp-friendly ingredients that are less likely to clog your hair follicles and lead to irritation. When I developed my dry shampoo, I ensured the formulation was highly micronized and made with rich starch powder. Most dry shampoos on the market use corn starch as the main powder, however this ingredient has a large molecule and is more likely to clog your hair follicles. Compared to cornstarch, the rice starch molecule is incredibly small and will be much gentler on your scalp. 

PRO TIP: Avoid aerosol based dry shampoos as these contain highly irritating and harmful ingredients like butane, propane and alcohol that increase the amount of scalp irritation. Look for “non-aerosol” formulations like our overnight dry shampoo. 

So you see, it’s not the dry shampoo that’s bad for your hair, it’s extending the usage period that is bad for your hair… it is not designed to be a substitute for shampoo. 

Don’t scare yourself out of using dry shampoo, especially if you’re using something with all natural formulation. It is the best time-saver and is a great way to help train your hair to need less washing. Just make sure you’re using it correctly and not causing product build-up at the roots! 

If you have any tips about using dry shampoo, or have experienced problems with dry shampoo before, let us know @kaianaturals or on @madamesweat. 


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