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red meat makes you smell

Skipping This at Dinner Can Reduce Body Odor

September 2021 | 5 Minute Read 

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We all know that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts, can cause body odor. However, this unexpected food that most American families eat 5 times a week, may be one of the reasons that cause body odor.

You guessed it, red meat! Red meat can get a bad reputation when it comes to your health. We often hear about how it shortens your lifespan and can even cause you to have a large appetite, but studies have linked red meat consumption to an increase in body odor.

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The Plant-based vs. Red Meat Diet Study

In 2006, the University of Liverpool conducted a study where the goal was to evaluate how red meat impacted the body odor of individuals. Half of the participants kept a meat-free diet for a two week period, while the other half consumed it daily. It is important to note that all of the participants were asked to refrain from other known causes of body odor like eating garlic, drinking alcohol, and smoking. 

Other non-meat foods that are known to impact body odor include asparagus, garlic, and alcohol.

At the end of the two weeks, the participants were asked to wear cotton pads under their arms for 24 hours. A testing panel then smelled the pads and rated them based on intensity and pleasantness.  A month later, the study was repeated with the same participants. This time the carnivores went meat-free for two weeks and visa versa. The results in both tests showed that the red meat diet smelled more intense and less pleasant than those who did not consume meat.

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Why Red Meat Makes You Smell Worse

Red meat is harder for the body to digest properly because it is so fatty. As a result it leaves behind a residue in the digestive tract. This mingles with bacteria in the digestive tract, which produces fatty acids that are then released out of the body through the form of pungent-smelling sweat or gas.

What if I’m not a Vegetarian or Vegan?

Not everyone’s body odor is impacted the same way by food, but if you noticed red meat makes you smell, it may be worth making some changes to your diet. If you are not practicing a vegan/vegetarian diet, try to cut back to only having red meat once a week or less. Just remember – the fattier the meat, the worse you will smell. Even just replacing steak with skinless chicken in a meal could make a big difference with the way your body breaks down your dinner!  

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