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What Your Scalp Pimple Really Is

scalp pimples

Scalp pimples can be very underestimated but they’re usually not pimples. Read on to learn what scalp pimples are and how to avoid them.

Remedies for Patches of Dry Skin

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Treating scalp pimples is very different than treating facial acne. Find out why these scalp pimples shouldn’t go untreated.

How Co-Washing Saved My Bleach-Fried Hair

How Co-Washing Saved My Bleach-Fried Hair I’m Marissa, the Wellness Manager at kaia naturals. Today I’m sharing with you my experience with co-washing and how I was able to train my hair to need less shampooing. I used to wash my hair every single day, but now I only wash it twice a week. Find out how […]