The ONE Essential Oil To Use As A Multipurpose Cleaner

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Why not use a safe and natural way to clean your home? Ensure you’re minimizing the amount of harmful chemicals using lemon essential oil! Thing is, it ACTUALLY works as a multipurpose house cleaner. It’s antibacterial, antiviral and it can clean just about anything (not including your room). Did I mention that one made bottle can last up to three months?!

What You Need

1 spray bottle

1 part water

1 part vinegar

15-20 drops lemon essential oil

How To Use

Here’s how you can use this powerful little oil to clean your home from top to bottom:

Cutting Board Cleaner: Use on cutting boards to kill bacteria.

In the Bathroom: Use on bathtubs and sinks to remove stains and soap scum.

Kitchen Appliances: Use on kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwaves, and ovens to clean of food residue.

Use on Tile: Lemon essential oil can help clean and brighten tile floors!

Garbage and Compost Bins: Spray this mixture on your garbage and compost bins to disinfect! Bonus: it will leave them smelling lemony fresh.

Grease Remover: Lemon essential oil is really good at cutting through grease!

Glass Cleaner: Spray on windows, doors, and tables to revive dusty, dirty glass.

You can also incorporate lemon essential oil in your diet and skincare routine as well as experience cough relief, digestion and oral health improvement, calms your stomach, relieves bad breath and improves your complexion!