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Natural Ways to Lighten Sun Spots

Natural Ways to Lighten Sun Spots on Your Hands

September 2021 | 5 Minute Read 

Clean beauty industry maven Mary Futher founded kaia naturals® after spending 20 years working for global beauty companies. Mary now shares her weekly content series, delivering a quick fix, home remedy, or clean beauty product suggestion for a variety of human discomforts that some may find too embarrassing to discuss.

As we acquire more wisdom with age, there are some tell-tale signs that signal to others how old one may be. Greying hair for one can be easily colored or simply embraced. They say your hands often give away your age and sun spots on your hands are more difficult to cover up. Although they aren’t a concern for some, they can definitely be a sign of age and can be bothersome for others.

I distinctly recall I was in my 30s in a wine store when a store clerk asked me for identification, and there was a long line. The gentleman behind me replied (I will call him a gentleman because it is the polite thing to do), “Come on, really? Look at her hands she is not a teenager.” I laughed but I think I was partly insulted as I never thought in my 30s that my hands may be showing sun spots and age.

Aging itself is a beautiful process to show a life well-loved with various marks and wrinkles that help tell your story. However, there are some things like sun spots (also known as liver spots or age spots) that may not tell much of a story other than you spent too much time out in the sun without the proper protection.

Most commonly these sun spots occur on hands, shoulders, arms, and the face. They start showing up on adults over 50 and are more common on those with lighter skin. Generally, sun spots aren’t harmful, but if you notice any drastic changes, or irregular border, unusual coloring, bleeding, or increase in size, it’s always best to consult a doctor.

Why Do We Get Liver Spots?

With great age sun spots will occur on your hands and body
With great age sun spots will occur on your hands and body

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, and associated with thinning skin is a whole slew of changes in our bodies. One of them being, liver spots, medically known as solar lentigines [len-tij-uh-neez].

The main reason that these spots occur are from overactive pigment cells. The Mayo Clinic explains that “ultraviolet (UV) light speeds up the production of melanin,” with continuous exposure to sun the melanin in the skin, can clump and/or the melanin production is in high concentrations which is the cause of liver spots. The sun spots are called liver spots, because it was once misunderstood that they could be the cause of liver issues. However, it’s been proven that liver spots, have nothing to do with your liver and are often called age spots or sun spots.

3 Ways to Naturally Treat Liver Spots


Apply sunscreen to prevent sun spots on hands

Sunscreen is a great preventative measure to shield from skin cancer, sun spots and other skin issues. The American Journal of Medicine says that applying an SPF for the first 18 years of your life can decrease nonmelanoma skin cancers by 78%. You’re never too old to start applying sunscreen!

Another tip is to keep sunscreen in your car, that way you’ll remember to put it on before driving, and you’ll protect your hands while they’re in the direct sun rays. Also remember to apply on cloudy days as UV rays will still penetrate through clouds and your car windows and can cause sun spots on your hands.

Apply sunscreen to prevent sun spots on hands
kaia naturals Kojic Acid Body Bar will even out sun spots on hands

Kojic Acid Soap

kaia naturals Kojic Acid Body Bar will even out sun spots on hands

Kojic acid is an incredible ingredient that can be used to lighten sun spots on your hands. Use a kojic acid soap on your hands each time you wash them and then immediately use lotion with SPF, to rehydrate your hands. I’ve developed a kojic acid soap with a formulation that is gentle to use on your hands. The two lightening ingredients licorice root extract and kojic acid work towards evening skin tone. But again, using any sort of chemical on your body, needs to be protected with sunscreen. Don’t skip this step!


Protective clothing will prevent sun spots from occuring on hands

Wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs, decreases the amount of sun exposure. Jason Miller, MD, recommends “sun-protective clothing such as shirts, hats, and sunglasses.” Add a large, brimmed hat for those days where you’re out in the sun during peak times, from 10 am and 2 pm. If not a big hat, a baseball cap or golf visor offers some protection from the sun. Some people wear gloves while on their bike rides. Wearing white gloves while driving is also quite common in Asia and when you think about it, it’s genius! Limiting the amount of sun exposure, will do a great deal in tackling sun spots on your hands.

Protective clothing will prevent sun spots from occuring on hands

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The information provided in this blog is taken from the Mayo Clinic and The American Journal of Medicine. I am not a chemist, dermatologist, or scientist, if you feel that you have an abnormal spot on your body, it is best to consult your doctor.

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