The Problem

Most people think that body odor is caused by the sweat under their arms, but this isn’t true! The smell is actually caused by the bacteria that live and grow under your arms. Consider this as good news, as there is a really easy way to help mitigate this problem.


The Solution

Use an antibacterial soap under your arms before applying deodorant. Doing this creates an environment that odor-causing bacteria can’t live. By controlling the bacteria, you will be able to control the odor. We developed the deodorant booster bar, which is formulated with apple cider vinegar and charcoal which are known as an all-natural antibacterial. Use this bar in the shower before applying your deodorant to give your underarms a clean and protected barrier from any bacteria. Now you’ll be sure to have your natural deodorant work better and last longer!

2 Responses

  1. The introduction of this booster bar was a game changer for me!

    I started using your deodorant two years ago and was pretty happy with the results – I still struggled with odor issues in high stress situations but the amount of sweat I was producing subsided. Once the booster bar was released, it made a world of a difference for me! I do let the paste sit longer than instructed (1-2 min) but WOW, what a difference! It really helps with the odor issues.

  2. I started using your body bar and deodorant about four months ago. I was in stage three for quite a while I did n’t think your detox was going to work. I started to leave the paste under my arms on longer about a minute or so. The sweating has subsided. I just have a little odor on the left side. But it’s better . I also apply the deodorant again before bed. I will continue .

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