Bath Bombs vs Bath Salts: The One You Should Be Using

This week, Mary decodes: Bath Bombs vs. Epsom Salt

There’s no better way to unwind and de-stress after a long week by taking a relaxing hot bath.

However, there are more benefits of taking a hot bath than just for relaxing. In my opinion using products that can actually help your skin and your body should matter more than a “tutti-frutti fizz” or colorful explosion – you know what I’m talking about.

I personally recommend using Epsom salts over bath bombs when it comes to reaping the most health benefits. Here’s why:

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Sure, bath bombs are definitely fun, watching it fizz and slowly explode in your water can be entertaining. However, if you actually want to get something out of your hot bath other than just ‘fun’, bath bombs are not the most beneficial.


Some bath bombs use inexpensive ingredients and fillers such as baking soda and citric acid. Although baking soda does have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it’s also very alkaline, which means it’s extremely drying and abrasive for your skin. You may notice your skin gets very dry and itchy afterwards.


Most commercially made bath bombs use artificial colors and food dyes. A 2013 Slovenian study found that your skin can actually absorb these toxic dyes, particularly through recently shaven skin and the mucous membranes. From there, the dyes are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, instead of being broken down in the gut or detoxed through the liver.


Many bath bombs also use synthetic fragrance, which means manufacturers can hide more chemicals and toxic ingredients without have to disclose them. Chemicals such as phthalates, oxybenzone, BHT, Octinoxate, Musk Ketone, which are considered hormone disruptors, can be hidden in a synthetic fragrance.


The one thing I really hate to see in bath bombs is GLITTER. Sure it makes your bath look so pretty and Instagram worthy, but don’t forget – they’re tiny pieces of plastic that won’t biodegrade once it’s down the drain. I can’t see tiny pieces of glitter being healthy for “certain body parts” as well!

Suggestion for bath bomb users:

If you are in love with the experience you get from a bath bomb and love using them, look for ones made by green beauty brands that are free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and dyes. There are safer bath bombs available at The Detox Market.

TIP: To avoid drying out your skin, add a carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil to your bath water.

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All Epsom salts contain the naturally occurring minerals of magnesium and sulphates, which are critical nutrients our body needs to function. They are poorly absorbed through our food, therefore most people are deficient in these nutrients. Luckily, these minerals are easily absorbed through the skin, which is why it’s even more beneficial to soak in a pure Epsom salt bath. It has been used for decades and ask any pharmacist, they will tell you there is nothing like an Epsom bath to make you feel better if you’re suffering from a cold or flu.

There are many medicinal properties and benefits of soaking in Epsom salts:

  • Helps boosts circulation throughout the body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Pull toxins from your pores
  • Helps to relax your mind
  • Helps relieve congestion during a cold or flu

What type of bath products do you like using? Leave a comment below to share your favorite bath products.


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