Picture this: It’s an above-average Saturday night out with your girl gang, and there are so many insta-worthy opportunities. You go to take a selfie, and proceed to angle the phone overhead for the perfect shot and BAM – all you see staring back at you on your phone screen is a big blotch of hyperpigmentation under your arm. Even the best Instagram filter won’t be able to fix this! Just like that, your perfect selfie is ruined.


The Cause

Honestly though – what on earth is causing that selfie-ruining hyperpigmentation? The answer is shaving!



Shaving causes major irritation to the sensitive skin under your arms. The repetitive irritation and friction caused by razor blades promotes the skin to become thicker and more resistant to trauma. To make matters worse, most of us are applying deodorant right after shaving, which only promotes more irritation. The skin is getting thicker and thicker to protect itself, but also changing color from all of the trauma.


How to Fix Hyperpigmentation

Shaving before bed instead of in the morning can prevent irritation. You can also apply aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil or Argan oil to help combat irritation. By the time you go to apply your deodorant the next morning, your underarms will have calmed down. Now you can go back to taking that perfect selfie.

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  1. Fantastic product! Fantastic review!! I have looking for a product like this for so long. Thank you for finding it for me and for so many others!

  2. I think I am going to try this. It sounds like an excellent solution to underarm irritation.

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