5 Surprising Causes For Body Odor

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causes of body odor - kaia naturals

There is a common misconception that sweat is the culprit when it comes to B.O. (aka body odor). In reality, there are many factors that can impact how fresh our bodies smell throughout the day.

Here are 5 surprising causes that may be impacting your body odor:


causes of body odor - kaia naturals


1. Bacteria

Did you know that sweat is actually ODORLESS? It’s actually the bacteria that live and grow under your arms that causes body odor. Some people naturally have more bacteria under their arms and therefore have a harder time controlling odor.

We created the underarm bar as a natural, anti-bacterial soap which helps any natural deodorant work better. It is formulated with apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal and sodium to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and create a fresh base to apply any natural deodorant for long lasting odor protection.


2. Synthetic Clothing

Synthetic fabrics like rayon, nylon and polyester trap moisture as they are not breathable fabrics. Moisture from sweating has nowhere to go and stays on the skin’s surface, which promotes the growth of bacteria. Great natural alternatives that will allow your underarms to breathe include cotton, wool, and linen.


3. Sweet Tooth

If you are guilty of indulging in sugary sweets, it could cause you to smell…well, not so sweet. Eating too many sugary snacks causes the body to overproduce yeast, which turns the sugars into alcohols, which contributes to odor.


4. Stress

There is actually more than one type of sweat. Stress sweat comes from different glands, and is made of proteins and fats. It even has a slightly different appearance than regular sweat. Triggered by emotional responses, stress sweat combines with bacteria to make a particularly pungent odor. Learn more about why you smell worse when you stress sweat here.


5. Spicy Food

Food topped in garlic, curry and other spices release sulfur-containing gasses as your body breaks them down. For several hours after you eat, these gases release out of your pores, which can cause a lingering smell.

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